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Pride month is almost over but we have yet one of the biggest events to go. This weekend, New York dresses in rainbow and its streets get filled with people from all around the world who travel to support the love. This year’s theme is “The fight continues” as an allusion to all the battles we have been fighting with a pandemic, the aggression from the police, the murders of trans-POC, and the personal battles each LGBTQ+ members have on their own.

We in The Latin Label support the community and want to give you the ultimate guide to go dressed in Latin American brands this June 27th in the “NYC pride march”.  It doesn’t matter if you are supporting online or on the streets, the purpose is to be there for the community and make a change. Blog by "Kamyla con K"

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Trinidad & Tobago

Live an adventure full of wild nature and distinct culture. Having a tropical getaway does not always mean bathing suits, packing some statement pieces is essential. A colorful dress paired with some comfortable sandals, some classic gold earrings, and just the perfect wrap with a purse is ideal to watch the golden sunsets that characterize the beautiful Trinidad & Tobago. Kamyla con K

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Ramadan Gift Guide

During Holy Month the act of gifting to express gratitude and love towards the people around us is essential and more after the 2020 that had us missing reunions like old times. The team of The Latin Label has curated a selection of gifts ideas with the colors and flavor of Latin America.

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Holy Month of Ramadan is just around the corner, Colombian designer Daniella Batlle and the brand Gypsiana Collective bring us great options for any iftar celebrations incorporating Colombian flavor to the modist tradition of the east.

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What a Latin women wear

Welcome to the first article of what are we, Latin women wearing. Giving you a sneak peek of what is happening in our part of the world towards fashion. In this edition, we’ll talk about colors, we are full of bright and marvelous colors that represent the magic of our culture. Just imagine being surrounded by beautiful green trees, birds chirping next to you while you admire the combination of the four colors that make up his body. These are the 4 tones we will be seeing this S/S 2021 inspired in our culture and landscapes.

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Caribbean Escape

Your perfect escape this year is to a Caribbean island. Discover our first choice, a charming old town on the coast of Colombia " Cartagena", the queen of the Caribbean.

This gorgeous, romantic, and colorful city, combines the beauty of a historical city where you can enjoy horse carriages and plenty of restaurants and Luxury boutique hotels, and the charming beaches of the islands surrounding it on the coastline.

You can walk the city walls during sunset, explore the fortress that’s been protecting the city for hundreds of years, and try all of the Caribbean cuisines, from fresh fish to exotic fruits, and of course end you day with some Salsa moves

A day trip to one of the " Islas del Rosario" Islands, is a must to sense the Caribbean Crystal water 

Because of its colorful streets, hot weather, and laid back vibe, Cartagena is a great location for taking some memorable photos with this unforgettable outfits

For a day in the city, pair a light airy flowy dress with some sandals and a Wayuu bag or w straw bag to look like an elegant yet fashionable Colombian woman

As for the trip to the island, a colorful Swimsuit with a kimono is the key to have a tropical look

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