Trinidad & Tobago

Live an adventure full of wild nature and distinct culture. Having a tropical getaway does not always mean bathing suits, packing some statement pieces is essential. A colorful dress paired with some comfortable sandals, some classic gold earrings, and just the perfect wrap with a purse is ideal to watch the golden sunsets that characterize the beautiful Trinidad & Tobago.

Exotic Maxi dress


Golden necklace with emerald


Beaded Bucket Bag

The twin beauty

The tiny twin island just off the tip of Venezuela has just the right amount of cultural activities, eco-adventures, and energetic and nightlife gems to be discovered. Experience them all with a matching top and palazzo pants.


Crop top fuchsia

Wide white palazo

Multicolored beaded earrings


A beautiful contradiction

A place where you can experience.

While Trinidad is an adventurous alternative full of mangrove swamps and rainforest hills. Tobago is everything you dream of a Caribbean escape, palm trees, drinks, and soft sand.  A flowy maxi dress of linen is the best option for a more relaxed and comfortable feeling while exploring the two worlds of Trinidad & Tobago.


Artisanal Bucket bag

Linen blue maxi dress